Streaming FAQs

Scroll down to browse frequently asked questions such as how to reset your password and access the exclusive donor, member, and subscriber stream — or view a video tutorial here.


    How do I access the exclusive donor, Bel Canto member, and subscriber stream?
    View this step-by-step tutorial on how to access the donor, Bel Canto member, and subscriber stream. Please note: This stream is only available for San Francisco Opera donors, Bel Canto members, and current subscribers.

    Where can I find the stream?
    San Francisco Opera streams are available on our website here. To watch, please log in or register with your email address. Then, click the play button on the video player and enjoy!

    Do I have to pay to access the stream?
    Our opera streams are free and accessible to everyone during the available hours (Saturday at 10am Pacific to the following day at 11:59pm Pacific) on our website. We are dedicated to bringing comfort, joy, and music to everyone during this time.

    I am a current San Francisco Opera donor/subscriber. How do I access operas after they stream?
    To access the operas after they stream, go here and log in. Once you’re logged in, the video player will appear. (Trouble logging in? Scroll down to the "Still Need Help?" section).

    I missed the stream. Is there a replay option?
    Unfortunately, streams are only available Saturday at 10am Pacific through Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific. Once this time has passed, the streams will not be made available to the public again. Donors who give $75 or more and subscribers have access to view the opera after the public stream here. Become a donor today to access!

    What other titles are you streaming?
    Every Monday check our website to see the upcoming weekend’s title! Registering to stream also puts you on the email list to be the first to know our weekly streaming updates.

  • Technical

    How do I reset my password?
    View this step-by-step tutorial if you need assistance reseting your password.

    How fast does my internet connection have to be?
    A fast and reliable broadband internet connection is required. For streaming content, your download speed must be at least 1.5mbps or 5mbps for optimal or HD video quality.

    How can I test my internet speed?
    There are many free tools available online to test your internet speed, including For streaming content, your download speed must be at least 1.5mbps, or 5mbps for optimal or HD video quality.

    Other tips for internet issues:

    • If you are using Wifi, you can try connecting to the internet with a hard-wired connection.

    • Close other applications on your device and disconnect other devices using the same WiFi network.

    • Reset and/or turn off and restart your modem and/or router.

    • Move your devices closer to your WiFi router.

    • Check your internet browser:

      • If you are having problems in one browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari), try a different one.

      • Clear browser cache and/or close & restart your browser.

      • Close other tabs in your browser.

      • Update your internet browser to the latest version.

      • Update Adobe Flash to the latest version.

      • Update your device's operating system (OS) to the latest version.


    Can I watch the stream on my TV?
    If your computer is already connected to your television, you should be able to view the stream on your television.

    For Chromecast, make sure you are accessing the stream through your Chrome internet browser. Once the video is loaded on your computer, click "View" in the navigation bar of Chrome and then click on "Cast." A small window should show up called "Cast Tab" on the right corner of your browser page and the name of your connected television should be listed there. Click the name of your TV and the video should show up on your television.

    If you have Apple TV, learn how you can use AirPlay to stream content to your television from an Apple device such as computer or iPhone cast here.


    The subtitles disappear when I use AirPlay, how can I see the subtitles on my TV?
    When you stream something from another device like iMac or iPhone to your Apple TV, the subtitle setting on your original device is disregarded the moment of the switch for that movie. In order to turn on the captions on your TV, swipe down during playback on your Apple TV during playback to get to the information window with chapters, subtitle options, and audio options. Changes there should be immediate.

  • Ancillary Content

    Are subtitles available on the stream?
    Yes! English subtitles are available on the video player. Subtitles should automatically appear at the bottom of the video player. Unfortunately subtitles in other languages aren’t available at this time.

    How do I turn on or off subtitles?
    Hover your mouse over the player and select the box on the right side containing ‘CC’. The option to turn subtitles on will be made available, select that box, and resume the player.

    Note, it may be necessary to refresh your browser. If they are still not appearing, try clearing your browser cache then restarting the browser or try playing the stream with subtitles on different internet browsers.

    How can I change the size and font of the subtitles?
    Hover your mouse over the player and select the box on the right side containing ‘CC’. Select ‘captions settings’ and adjust the text to suit your needs. When you are finished making your edits, select the ‘Done’ button on the right side and resume the player.

    Are there pre-show talks?
    Register for our new virtual lecture series, Opera Aficionados, Sundays at 1pm. Also be sure to explore additional content from blog posts and interviews to other behind-the-scenes content on Opera is ON.

  • Still Need Help?

    I am still having issues watching the stream, what do I do?
    We’re sorry you’re still having trouble. Please email and we will get back to as soon as we are able.

    I am a current San Francisco Opera donor/subscriber and am having trouble logging in, what can I do?
    You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link that appears above the blue LOGIN and I HAVE A PROMO CODE buttons on the login page accessible here. Once you click the 'Forgot Password’ link, you will be directed to input the email address associated with your account and click ‘Reset Password.’ You will then receive an email within 30 minutes with a link to reset your password. Click the link in the email, reset your password, and then go to to access the subscriber and donor streaming page

    If you receive a message saying you do not have access after logging in or if you need further assistance, please email or call our Box Office during regular business hours at (415) 864-3330.