Diversity, Equity and Community

San Francisco Opera’s Department of Diversity, Equity and Community (DEC) envisions a vibrant arts world in which people of all races create, share and enjoy resources and relationships equitably, unleashing individual potential, embracing collective responsibility and generating global prosperity in the arts and beyond.

The team members of the Department of Diversity, Equity and Community are tired. 

Fostering an organizational culture that exudes commitment to racial and social justice is ongoing and ever-evolving work. When the Department of Diversity, Equity and Community (DEC), first embarked upon this work, there was no shortage of enthusiasm for, or belief in the ideals of justice and equity that were espoused in our formation. With this sense of urgency the department hit the ground running, hosting introductory sessions on the language of diversity and inclusion, holding conversations on equity, and evolving the Company’s foundational strategies for community engagement. Yet, there remained an underlying sense of wonder and speculation about what it is that such a department does. Everyone wanted to know - what will the DEC team actually do?

On May 25th, 2020 an event took place that exposed our nation’s dire need for critical dialogue and healing transformation centered around race and the insistence that Black Lives Matter. The murder of George Floyd called upon us, individuals and institutions alike, to reexamine what we think we know about race, privilege, power and oppression in the United States. And thus DEC’s work was thrust into a sharp focus for everyone

In the course of the work, we learned that disrupting and dismantling systems of inequity and oppression is tiring. We are weary because the work is deeply personal, demanding, shocking, disappointing, inspiring, and heartbreaking. The work is never done, nor does it fit within the bounds of a typical “workday,” as we carry it with us into our personal lives.

In every facet of our work we strive to embody the ideals of racial and social justice, and to disavow White supremacy culture. This work is not possible without a team who brings their own complexity, passion, and humanity in addition to their professionalism and expertise. Please find our first-ever Diversity, Equity and Community End of Year Report here.


our commitment

We are committed to ensuring people of racially and culturally diverse backgrounds and experiences share and enjoy our art, resources, and relationships equitably, embracing community values and generating institutional prosperity.

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Diversity & Culture:

We respect the wide diversity of identities, races and ethnicities,

religions, nationalities, and sexual orientations within our community.


We value the voices, experiences, cultures, intellect and multi-dimensionality

of people of color to contribute to the artistic excellence of SFO.


We prioritize identifying and removing barriers to racial equity within our institution.


We value voicing and sharing our viewpoints with integrity even when difficult, unpopular or risky.


We value the ability of individuals and systems to change in ways that make racial justice possible.

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dei resources

Explore readings, tools, and videos curated by DEC to help you and your organization build understanding around, and capacity to address, company culture, implicit bias, race & white privilege, and civic practice.


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HomeRise’s mission is to help homeless people secure housing and become self-sufficient.