Opera Scouts, Madrigals and Kinder Choir

Cultural and Performing Arts Ensembles for Teens and Youth


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Celebrating individual achievement within a supportive ensemble, Opera Scouts provides an artistic, social, career and developmental home for youth who are passionate about the performing arts. Scouts meet weekly for training, activities, projects, rehearsals and trips to local performances.

Now for younger students, we're delighted to offer Madrigals and Kinder Choir! Weekly meetings will focus on folk songs, composition, storytelling and performance skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

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Who It's For

Opera Scouts: Students ages 12–18. While most students are vocal performers, we welcome actors, dancers, designers, composers, writers and multimedia artists interested in live performance.

Madrigals: Students ages 7-11. This is a perfect opportunity for young artists who enjoy singing and are curious about opera and/or musical theater. Learn what musical storytelling is all about.

Kinder Choir: Students ages 5-7. Beginning choir focusing on rounds, folk songs and movement. 


Weekly meetings run September through May on Wednesday afternoons, plus additional optional outings and events.


San Francisco Opera and other local venues.


Opera Scouts: $500 annual fee, plus minimal costs for extra events.

Madrigals: $400 annual fee, plus minimal costs for extra events.

Kinder Choir: $200 annual fee, plus minimal costs for extra events.

Scholarships are available for qualifying students.

Information for Applicants

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis for these programs throughout the academic year. An interview and audition will be scheduled upon receipt of application. For more information, contact Caroline Altman at 415-565-3238 or caltman@sfopera.com.

Scouts are trained in skills promoting better communication, confidence, integrity and conflict management. As they advance through the program, they become eligible to be student conflict mediators at their schools.

Activities include:

  • GUEST SPEAKERS AND MASTER CLASSES. Each meeting has a specific area of learning enhanced by master classes and expert guest speakers.
  • MERIT BADGES. Each Scout plans a project in the arts and works toward this project for 4–6 weeks, receiving a Merit Badge upon completion.
  • OPERA AND THEATER TRIPS. Scouts attend San Francisco Opera dress rehearsals, as well as student performances and concerts at other Bay Area venues. Additional ticket fees may apply.
  • AUDITIONS. Scouts gain access to audition, competition, internship and job placement opportunities. Scouts receive special preparation and support for audition success.
  • PERFORMANCE. Scouts participate in recitals, performance showcases and community outreach opportunities throughout the year.
  • LEADERSHIP. Scouts help plan events and reach out to partnering arts and community organizations.
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Scouts are trained in conflict resolution through the arts, enabling them to become conflict mediators at their schools.

Discover the World

Because exploring art and culture means exploring the world, the Opera Scouts program also presents opportunities for travel and exchange in both local and distant destinations. In April 2022 Opera Scouts are embarking on the AUSTRIA ADVENTURE to visit and perform in Salzburg, Melk and Vienna! 

Check out our recent ITALIA (IN)CANTA program featuring a 10 day musical trip to Venice, Florence and Rome:

Watch the 2018 Italia (in)canta video here!

Sample Merit Badge Offerings

  • Voice recital
  • Foreign language
  • Music history
  • Composition
  • Music theory
  • Costume design
  • Stage Make-up
  • Set/lighting design
  • Community
  • Directing
  • Sight-singing
  • Arts journalism
  • Digital arts
  • And many more!